Small Business Accounting in Sherwood Park

It's never been easier to start your own business than it is today. With the help of networking and a variety of social platforms, support for small business owners is increasing and so is their need for accounting. If you are a recent start-up or have been a small business for some time, PrairieVista Tax Services Inc. can help you with all your small business accounting needs.

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PrairieVista Tax Services Inc.: A Full-Service Small Business Accounting Firm

I offer a variety of accounting services to small businesses. Here are some of more highly demanded services by my clients:

  • Processing payroll
  • Maintaining a chart of accounts
  • Consolidating overhead expenses
  • Reviewing assets and liabilities
  • Evaluating equities such as compensation for you and other owners
  • Balancing bank and income statements

Scale Your Company with My Accounting Services

When businesses grow, so does the importance and complexity of its accounting needs. Using a professional accounting consultant to assess your current cashflow can help you expand to the present and projected growth of the business. I can help you understand what your business' accounting needs are and I can help fulfill them too.

Accounting for Small Businesses

When I meet with my clients, I want to make sure I evaluate their needs accurately and provide the information they need to succeed. Here are a few services I use to track your business' growth and development.


Stay on top of your books even for cash transactions. Bookkeeping allows you to not only file your taxes more easily but could also mean the difference between having potential investors and receiving loans. Your business will be taken more seriously if your books are in order. If you're having trouble getting started or would like your books to be tidied up, contact me for more information.

Balancing Your Books

When you update your books regularly, you'll be able to adjust them too. If your numbers are not adding up, consult with me. I can go through your bank account and compare it with your records. This is the best way to check that your books are balanced.

Going Electronic

Using an electronic accounting system is an efficient way to get a better picture of your business direction and accounting needs. I can help create a template that works best for you and aid in its interpretation. One of the best reasons to go digital with your accounting needs is the easy accessibility of your data and documentation. This also allows you to call in with your concerns and I'll easily be able to see where your issues are by pulling up your file.

Contact Me for Small Business Accounting Services in Sherwood Park

If your small business needs professional accounting services, contact me for more information or to set up an appointment with a specialist. I'll help you discover your company's economic potential.