Trusts and Estates in Sherwood Park

To ensure that your beneficiaries receive what they 're entitled to, you'll need effective trust and estate planning. At PrairieVista Tax Services Inc., my expertise can prepare your asset transfers to make this a quick process without any complications.

I work alongside your beneficiaries, lawyers, and insurance brokers so you can be sure that your financial decisions are respected. Contact me now at (780) 469-3532 to get started.


Trust and Estate Services by PrairieVista Tax Services Inc.

My clients come to me with several trust and estate demands, here are some of the more popular service requests that I have:

Fiduciary Income Taxes:

  • Tax preparation and compliance
  • Accomplishing objectives


  • Discussing and analyzing money related targets
  • Revising investment strategy and execution
  • Learning how to set up a trust account
  • Learning how to set up an estate account


  • Paying bills
  • Assessing financial records compromises
  • Planning of fiscal reports and statements

Estate Taxes:

  • Estate taxes preparation
  • Tax and estate planning

Trust and Estate Planning

Trust and estates have taxes on them, so you 'll need a professional accountant to advise on how to manage them. My experience has shown me the importance of planning and preparation so that there will be peace among your beneficiaries. The executor of trust or estate must be decided upon, along with many additional details.

Specially trained, my trust and estate knowledge means that I know how to apply and interpret tax codes in a way that will make the most sense for your individual needs. My time and dedication to every case make me highly sought-after.

Preparing an Estate/Trust

My specialization will guide you through the process of developing an estate or trust account, but I recommend that you consider a few things before our first consultation. I would be happy to explain my process to you in further detail when you call for your appointment. Here are some of my suggested ways to prepare:

Document Your Assets

Sit down and write down all your assets as well as all your intended beneficiaries. This process can be very helpful for your consultation and ultimately, the distribution and delegation of your assets.

Close Unnecessary Accounts

Think about all the accounts that you have, write them down and bring them to your consultation. At PrairieVista Tax Services Inc., I will be able to help you assess which ones are important and which are unnecessary. Having only a few accounts will make your estate more manageable.


Try and keep track of your accounts and your transactions between them. Having a record that's clear and concise will avoid any disputes later on. It will also help me be able to provide you with better counseling and advice.

Executor of Estate

The executor, or administrator, of the estate is someone chosen, or someone appointed with the estate. The executor performs the following tasks:

  • Closing bank accounts
  • Making transactions
  • Paying estate bills
  • Signing off on vehicle sales or ownership transfers
  • Filing estate tax returns
  • Selling real estate

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